Sunday, May 22, 2011

30 Days of Blogging Returns!

Yesterday I did nothing. And when I mean "I did nothing," I mean I have reached an all-time low of how little I can accomplish. It took me nearly two hours to finally decide to get out of bed after waking up, and once I did, I ate ONE MEAL and played The Sims for about ten hours straight and then realized it was rather late and ate dinner and then sat on my computer some more.

This is not okay with me. It seems that I must re-instate the 30 Days Of projects again. Which I'm okay with.

Those of you who were around last year probably remember how it goes. I will blog for 30 days, and every day I will end the blog with the shorthand name for my projects and put an X if I finished the goal and an O if I did not or if it is not YET done. I will update blogs if that changes later.

My current projects are as follows:

1. Bedtime rule REINSTATED. I shall end all technological endeavors in time to be in bed, asleep by 11:00 PM EST . There will be room for exception if I am with IRL friends, but if that is the case, I shall begin taking precautions around midnight to be in bed, asleep no later than 1:00 AM. However, I shall never wake up later than 7:00 AM.

2. I will blog for 30 days, marking my progress as I go.

3. This will not last 30 days, but I will need to dedicate time (preferably one to two hours) every day to my post-student-teaching seminar class so that I end my college career on a good note. I have three weeks left, so I will not make a numberless calendar for it, but I will make time every day for it.

4. I will read for pleasure every day for at least one hour.


I do not want to load up on projects this early in the game for fear of overwhelming myself, so this is where I will stop and I will re-evaluate my progress and projects in one weeks' time. I think Sunday is a good day for evaluating and adding projects.

This will be a good 30 days.


Today's records will not count because I started the project today, but for those of you who were not around last year, I will give you an example of what today's blog footer would look like:

Sleep: O
Blogging: X
Coursework: O
Reading: O

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