Monday, May 23, 2011

30 DoB 1: A Rush of Awesome

Yesterday, I uploaded a video about how I want people to watch my videos. I was uncertain how people would react; I said a lot of things that people don't really address because it feels awkward and they don't know how to say it without coming across as egotistical. I guess I've gotten used to just putting my thoughts out there and so I've learned to repress any kind of hesitation I may have. I was, quite honestly, considering just not uploading it at all for fear of someone leaving a comment saying "You talk about stuff like this too much" or "You shouldn't ask anything of us; we're not a legion of thoughtless followers."

Boy am I glad I uploaded it.

It seemed to resonate with both content creators and viewers. I had great testimonies of people who were glad they do what I said; I had people who said they don't often participate but want to do so more now because of the video; I had people who doubted that I recognized their screennames and who asked whether I did - and I did! I also got a HUGE--and I mean, probably the biggest I've had in a while--influx of subscribers, too, which doesn't matter on the one hand because the numbers themselves are unimportant, but means so much in relation to this video because it means that people agreed and followed through.

I got lovely comments and I'm so glad I currently have the time to reply to them because I would feel terrible to say all that I said and not hold up my end of the bargain.

So, basically, what I'm saying is that I want to keep making videos because of moments like this when I feel validated as a YouTuber. And I think that it also tells me that it's a good choice to stick around - if all it takes is a good comment for me to feel like this work is worth it, I'm going to lead a pretty fulfilled YouTube career, I'd say.

And I guess all that's left to say is thank you guys for being around, for finding me, for sharing bits of your time with me, and for just generally being awesome yourselves. I hope to be able to meet you and thank you all in person because it just means that much to me to have you there for me.


So Day 1 of the project and I've already got a fail. I was doing homework until 11:05, and by doing homework I mean I read my textbook for about half an hour and then got distracted writing stuff for the re-vamped Music for Muggles. Wait, what? Shhh don't tell anyone. It can be our blogging secret. But yeah... Music for Muggles is coming back this summer and hopefully with a vengeance. So watch out for that. Anyway, after I finished "doing homework," I couldn't resist reading all the awesome comments on my video and ended up being on my computer until like 11:50, thus missing my bedtime by over an hour when all was said and done. But I'm still recording the fail on my calendar because I don't want something silly like that to cause me to go into an endless cycle of false starts. So here are my results for today, with a reminder that "sleeping" happened yesterday and "homework" and "reading" are still open for today:

Sleeping: O
Blogging: X
Homework: O
Reading: O

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