Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 DoB 7: The Almost People

I'm going to put my self-improvement stuff first today because the rest of the post will be about the new Doctor Who episode, and I don't want to spoil it for readers who haven't seen it yet, and I also don't want to bore readers who don't watch Doctor Who but who may be interested in how I'm going.

As of yet, I am still feeling sick, and I also realized that if I want to get through most of the books I want to read before leaving the country, I had better start reading one approximately every 3-4 days. Therefore, I am not adding a goal, but instead adding greater emphasis on reading--which I accomplished today, of course. I read about 100 pages of Lord of the Rings, which of course means that if I want to finish it within that window, I need to read about 300 more pages by two days ago, but I figure it will balance out when I read less dense literature.

Anyway! On to the tallies:
Sleep: O
Blogging: X
Reading: X
Homework: O (as of yet. I'll do a few minutes after finishing this post.)


Okay, let's get real, Mr. Moffat. You have some 'splainin' to do. If Amy has been seeing the eye-patch lady this whole season, then she presumably has been a gänger this whole season, and therefore how did she become a gänger without anyone knowing? And why did the Doctor need to experiment on how people would react to the gängers if he already knew that people could fully accept such a gänger and it could also accept itself? And furthermore, was the gänger Doctor in fact a Time Lord? If so, would this not create some huge rift in the universe? Isn't there something about "every cell of a Time Lord is a miracle and if even one gets into the wrong hands it would be catastrophic"? I saw no catastrophic events happening as a result of the Time Lord being copied cell-for-cell. In fact, I think it was ended a little too easily. Do you have something up your sleeve? I don't think you would go back on such a pivotal statement so easily, so I think you've got some tricks left for us in that regard.

However, this does explain why the pregnancy scan was all weird. Real Amy was pregnant--very pregnant--but Gänger Amy was not, but the sensor could probably tell the amount of Real Amy in Gänger Amy and got all confused because of that. Man. This show is so interconnected and I love it so.

My head is just kind of swimming right now and I don't really have any supposed answers. Do you guys have any thoughts on the matter?


  1. I don't think the Doctor's gänger could really have been Timelord because of what you said but also because of what Amy said in the episode - the flesh just copies stuff, it can't really BE the thing that it's copying.
    But then, of course, the Amy that said that wasn't even the real Amy (Which might be why she ended up warming more to the Doctor's gänger without realising, I don't know).
    Such a confusing and loop-hole-ridden ending. Moffat certainly does have some 'splainin' to do!

  2. DW Confidential said Amy's been a Ganger since episode 1, but a lot of the fans (well... those of us discussing it on YourPants) think it happened between episode 1 and 2, when they were all running around America.

    The factory also was about to blow up with acid, so I think that covers the base of destroying Time Lord cells.

    And I think Amy's Ganger not being pregnant is mostly because it might not be possible for Gangers to reproduce. It's still a fairly primitive science (there's also a theory that this is the precursor for the Flesh we saw in 'New Earth'), so reproductive options might not be. I think because Ganger!Amy was so exposed to the Silence, the part of her that knew she was Flesh forgot. I think the Silence has a lot to do with her creation, which would explain that. Hopefully a lot of answers come up next week.

    Summary of The Almost People: "What the actual frack.", and a;ldjfawogjf;alsdjf;lajr;goajsd;lfajs;lf

  3. Couldn't you bring your own copy of the LOTR in paperback (if you have your own, that is)?
    Yeah, I'm going with InitialA/Amanda that Ganger Amy was created when Amy was kidnapped by the Silence, if not a little earlier.
    - Jason