Friday, May 27, 2011

30 DoB 5: Productivity!

So I'm still questioning whether I actually have a cold or whether it's just allergies acting up. I'm pretty sure it's a cold, but it keeps refusing to turn completely into a cold and instead has me sitting on the edge, wondering what exactly it wants to do and what I should do in preparation.

However, it did cause me to miss my sleep goal for the day because I decided that if I truly am sick it would be better to get all the sleep I can. As a result, I slept until about 11:00 this morning, which I guess means I've got to be sick because I never sleep for nearly 12 hours unless I'm sick or sleep-deprived, and I'm pretty sure the latter isn't true. This is also reinforced by the fact that I'm pretty sleepy now, and I shouldn't be sleepy after having slept that long and only being awake for 8 hours. I guess that settles it. I'm sick.

But I hate whining and I'll stop now, because as they say, every cloud has a silver lining! After waking up, I had a good amount of energy for several hours, so I put myself to work. I did laundry and cleaned my room (finally) so now I'm much more ready to start the packing that I need to do in order to move out this summer. It's weird to think about moving out, but nonetheless it's going to happen.

I did get to go through some old papers that I'm not exactly sure would have stuck around this long if I had known they existed. I was wondering if anyone else has fought this being a pack rat--I used to be a hardcore pack rat, and by "used to," I mean that I was until my first real move from Virginia to Tennessee. I had to get rid of a lot that summer in order to make moving easier, and I realized I was keeping a lot of stupid stuff I didn't care about. Nowadays, I keep classwork and stuff just in case I need to contest a grade, and then usually throw it out afterward unless it's something I'm particularly proud of, like a good paper or composition or something.

Anyway, some of this stuff was some boring assignments from freshman year that had managed to be put somewhere until I was going to throw them out after the semester, but then they just stayed there and I never looked at them again. I got pretty liberal with throwing stuff out today, and there's always that voice in the back of my head saying "You never know if you'll need this!" but then the voice in the front of my head says "You haven't needed it yet, and if it turns out you do need this, you can still do x, y, and z to recover it."

Basically, my room is crazy clean and I like it that way and as the years progress I get better and better at staying organized and neat and that is a very good thing.

What do you guys do when you need to clean your rooms?
Sleep: O
Blogging: X
Homework: O (about to start)
Reading: O (after homework)


  1. I just did that earlier this week! I think I sent four or five boxes to goodwill and threw out a ton of stuff.
    What I usually do when I need to clean my room though is...not clean it. :/ I put it off for weeks and then I finally get so fed up that I just get rid of most of the stuff. My mom calls it the "white tornado" effect. lol

  2. I tend to shove things in drawers or my closet ... but then I go on drawer-cleaning sprees ... still got the goal I set of cleaning up my room, as well as reorganizing my bookshelf and taking care of what I brought back from college for the summer.