Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 DoB 14: Brothers and Like-Brothers and Brother-Like

Okay okay okay so I know some of you out there are keeping count and will note that it's after my bedtime. To you I say, the IRL exception is in full swing. My cousin Jeremy just got back in town and I can't not hang out with him. I haven't seen him in weeks! He's a cool singer a year behind me in the music school and we were roommates last year but he moved in with his other roommate from the year before. I miss having him around all the time.

Anyway, we chatted on skype with his parents a bit before watching the first, like, half hour of The Tenth Kingdom which is a really bad 6 1/2-hour-long movie. We couldn't bear to watch very much of it. We chilled out a little bit and talked about how we realized how obvious it was that our dads are brothers, and then on the way out the door just a bit ago we did the same hand gesture simultaneously when talking about a joy ride from his place to my place. We were like "and we're definitely related too."

Rewind a bit and some of you may remember a conversation on Tumblr between me, Rohan, Ryan, and my brother Tim about how Tim is my brother and how Ryan loves our interaction on Tumblr. I mentioned this to Jeremy and we talked about how growing up, we hated our brothers and they hated us. It's a lot of fighting and rivalry and stuff, and all the old fogies (particularly our fathers) would say stuff like "You hate them now, but once you guys grow up you'll come to see how much you like each other." It's so true!

I remember coming home from various breaks at college as my brother started maturing and realizing how mature he had become. I remember being completely shocked when he made a well-researched and well-defended point in a dinner conversation and being shocked that he wasn't a little kid anymore. I admit to getting a little jealous one of the last times I was home because he and Dad started discussing some really complex physics things that I can't even begin to recall except that it involved several ways to keep ice cream nice and soft in the freezer. I couldn't help thinking to myself "No! I'm supposed to be having the intellectual discussion with Dad and you're supposed to be playing video games like the kid you are!" Well, he's not a kid anymore. But I've realized more and more that he's just an awesome dude about to go into his second year of college. And I love that I get to talk to him through tumblr and text messaging because even though I'm like 1500 miles away, it doesn't feel like quite as much.

Plus, I have to stay on his good side because he's probably going to be the one with money in the family ;)

I guess what I mean to say is that there's that adage that says "It takes a village to raise a child," and if you take my huge family as the village, I'd concur. They're all awesome and I'm very glad to be a part of it! I should show them more in videos. I'm sure at least some of them would be willing to partake.
Sleeping: ? (another midmorning nap. I don't know if those count.)
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  1. Roomed with your cousin for a year? Interesting experience?
    - Jason

  2. How can you not like The 10th Kingdom!? It is awesome in its cheesiness!! I looked forward to it when they released it on TV and rejoiced when I found it on DVD a couple years back.

    Have you ever seen the musical The Slipper & The Rose? That is also amazing in it's awesome cheesiness, what with all the singing about where the prince will be put after he dies and What Has Love Got To Do With Being Married?

  3. Gotta say, it doesn't sound too unlike checking in with your nephews and nieces from time to time and realizing that they're no longer mere hangers-on who desperately want to take part in the conversation but actual, living, breathing adults capable of contributing directly to said conversation with their own unique perspectives and life experiences. It is, in a word, awesome to see. In three words, awesome to see.