Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 DoB 16: Full Day

Bleargh. I'm so tired. There are many reasons for that and right now I just feel like recounting them instead of saying something useful, and I wield the power to do so! So there! (I love you all)

I woke up rather early this morning because I wanted to see my students whom I taught in the Spring semester. It was their second-to-last day of school and I missed the day I was supposed to be there last week (a long story with many different sides that don't really matter.) So I woke up at my normal time for going to that school, which was about 5:30 AM. I went there and sat with my students; there was nothing really interesting going on, but that was exactly how I liked it. We just talked about what they were doing next year and what I was doing next year, and it was a nice, relaxed time.

When I arrived back home, it was about 11:00 and I finally got to catch up on Tumblr--speaking of which, allow me to reiterate that the Stay Focused application for Google Chrome is fantastic!--and ate some lunch and went to my class.

After class, time kind of disappeared. We all decided to capitalize on a local bar's $2 Tuesdays; I got dinner and two drinks, and ended up sticking around until about 6:00 PM, which was much longer than I expected to stay. But it was worth it to hang out for what could possibly be the last time with my classmates, who on Friday will all begin dispersing themselves around the country.

When I returned home, I got to have a wonderful long chat with Will (WillsOdyssey) with whom I have not spoken in ages, which is a real shame. I love my YouTube friends and it is lovely when I get to catch up with them, especially when it involves many of us at rather pivotal points in our lives when we get to make big, impactful decisions. I got to catch him up on several such decisions I have made and to talk about VidCon and the Bath gathering and mutual friends and possibly-to-become friends and such. It was really nice.

Anyway, it's been a long day and I'm just exhausted and not at all ashamed that most of my goals have not been met because I feel fulfilled and that's that. See you all tomorrow!
Sleeping: X
Blogging: X
Reading: O
Exercise: AOOO

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