Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brevity is the soul of... brevity.

Okay, I have to keep this brief because I am not done for the day and I have just over an hour to finish. I started off with a failure-to-launch day, and at 7:00, I just started CHURNING through everything I needed to finish. That's right, at 6:45 I noticed I had only done BUF today, and nothing more. From 7 to 8 I practiced clarinet, from 8 to 9 I reviewed German vocabulary, and at 9 I prepared for and executed my run (making today ABUF). That means all I have left to do is to blog (which I am clearly doing) and to read for an hour. This means I need to start reading if I still want to make my bedtime!

However, after finishing my jog, I found my body desiring to do more push-ups and curl-ups. So I just may do them.

But because of the brevity of this blog, and because of this being the 29th day of my 30-day blog challenge, I ask you: do you like the format of these blogs? Any constructive criticism? (in this regard, I'd recommend the criticism sandwich: something/some things you like, something/some things that can be improved, and something encouraging to round it off) I'm seriously considering doing another thirty days, and if you'll still read, then we're all in agreement; if you won't, however, I'll just keep my records to myself and blog less frequently.

As for now, I have precious little time left and I must get going!

Sleep: O (the reason behind the failure to launch)
German: X
Clarinet: X
Exercise: ABUF
Reading: now!
Blogging: X


  1. I like the format of your blogs. They're not massive paragraphs, they flow well, and I also like how you keep track of your goals at the bottom, even if you do not mention them. They're short and sweet.

  2. I enjoy having this textualised window into your everyday life, and I'd definitely like to see you roll more of your philosophies into your blogs, in the way that you do quite often. I also like the way that you're blogging every day, but you're still getting videos done too, which was something I had trouble balancing out when I did BADM.

    On the subject of exercise, I started the 100 push-ups and the 200 sit-ups on monday, starting the push-ups at week 3, so all is going well with that!