Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Music Videos

Few people know this without experiencing it, but music videos are some of the most rewarding videos there can be to put out, at least as far as I'm concerned. Nothing gets me happier than putting out a good song and having people enjoy it. It's probably the most "real" I can get with my audience--it's the most honest way for me to express any feelings at all.

However, music videos are thus the most frustrating and time-consuming videos that have ever been known to man. Seriously. When I make a vlog, I probably take about 10 minutes planning, 10 minutes filming, and then an hour or so editing. Music videos have got to be ten times harder; not only do you have to film yourself playing every instrument (or arrange for whatever story you want to tell like Alex Day) and edit that all together, you also have to separately edit all the sound bits together. If you go the instrument route--which I generally choose to, because I care more that people hear the instruments than enjoy my pretty face--you generally have about 2 hours or so of footage because each take for each little phrase adds up, especially if you're not entirely skilled on the instruments you're playing.

Plus, with the added weight of the extreme vulnerability I feel in putting my art out there (the most exposed I've ever felt) I really try quite hard to get everything perfect.

This is my way of saying I'm working on a few videos, but they take TIME! Hopefully they'll pay off :D

Sleep: X
German: X
Clarinet: X
Blogging: X

Also, I realize that I have not added a new goal in a while. I think it's time I try to get an exercise regimen in. Specifically that dang 100 Push-Up Challenge I never finished last year! Anyone wanna do it with me?


  1. Yes. They annoy me to no end. But at the moment that seems like the only choice for music. I could just be lame and do one video track and audio in the background, but I don't want to be boring.

  2. I think you're doing a great job and I am always looking forward to your songs. They are amazing. I also will ask you again to please tell us what happened to Ancherate Neuworry.

  3. I've tried making one, and I don't see how people do it... Getting the lip sync (or finger-sync, in this case) just right is nearly impossible. Maybe one day I'll persevere enough to actually create a sub-par music video.

  4. You're 100% right again, man. This is also why I now prefer to do single shot performances of songs - they're quicker, I don't have to use a metronome, and I'm not tying myself down to a specific arrangement when I come to record an album :)

    I might do the 100 push-ups thing with you, though I'm currently doing about 80 every other day, as part of a wider routine (I decided I've been muscle-less for too long) so I'll see if I can be bothered to step it up to 100 a day.