Saturday, June 26, 2010

Failure to Launch

I first heard this phrase in the movie by the same name, which I did, unfortunately, see. I'm not personally one for trite romantic comedies--though I will readily admit to enjoying the good ones, ladies--but I feel like the meaning of the phrase identifies concisely what happens on days like today.

I slept very lightly last night, for unexplained reasons. The only reasoning that seems consistent is that it is hard to sleep during a full moon, though I hardly desire to give that any credence. Somehow, though, I do always end up losing sleep on a full moon (or really any very bright moon phase.) My hypothesis is that the moon seems to shine straight on my face through my bedroom window, as if to spite me, or to inspire a vampire to stalk me--I'm not entirely sure which.

In any case, as I have said earlier, lack of sleep causes me to lose any motivation. I had trouble waking up at the proper hour this morning, which made it so that I could not run, as the air was very nearly drinkable by the time I was conscious. As a result, I really had nothing to do until lunchtime, at which point my brother left for university (he's growing up!) and I had the house to myself until 9:00 PM when my parents returned.

As a result, the only thing my brain wanted to focus on was getting a song recorded for prompt release on YouTube (probably doing the video tomorrow.) This means that I had no will power to practice clarinet or to do my German lesson. I fully intended to exercise after the sun went down, as well, but failed to remember that Doctor Who aired at 9:00, and that show has become sacred family time.

So the point of this blog was not to make excuses, but it certainly was to try and explain what happened. Only through understanding our failures can we find our way to success. My question for you folk, however, is whether I should be ashamed of having accomplished nothing today. After all, I did produce something--I was not spending the whole day twiddling my thumbs on the internet. I also technically did not breach my exercise contract, as I have exercised 4 out of 7 days this week. However, I did not complete my 30-day goals, with the exception of this lone blog. Is this something I should fret over, or should I write it off as taking a weekend break? If I choose the "weekend break" option, is that really a reason or an excuse? My Catholic guilt is starting to show...

Sleep: O
Clarinet: O
German: O
Exercise: O
Blogging: X


  1. Ugh, I unfortunately saw that movie also. The only good thing was that Zooey Deschanel was in it. Everyone knows I love Zooey Deschanel.

    I think you need to find a balance of fretting and not fretting. You should feel bad only to the point that it is motivating to not freely let yourself off the hook.

  2. Steve, it seems to me that you already have multiple reasons why you should NOT feel bad about having a LESS productive day than you aspired to. And I am sure every one of your stalkers and friends and fans would be more than ready to show some leniency concerning this matter. Ben Franklin did something similar to what you're doing these days, and I seriously doubt the man did everything right.
    And mayhaps the man in the moon is giving you a little breather? ONCE a month you can lounge about and reboot your system.
    If only he could do something about that guilt, though...