Monday, June 28, 2010

What You Don't See

I didn't feel like being inventive tonight, so you guys get a first peek at my next song which I can hopefully record live without much editing tomorrow!

by Stephen Johnson

I saw you at the coffee shop
Last Wednesday down on Main Street
With your hair up, you were studying with your friends

I thought I'd go say "Hi"
Or something inviting like "How've you been?"
But I knew it won't be long 'till I see you again

Because you're always there for me, I'm always there for you
And no one can can tear us apart
Our friendship can't be tainted by anyone at all

You light up my life
You don't know what you mean to me
It tears me up inside how wonderful you are.

I'm truly happy for you, to see you with him
To see your face light up
The second he's through the door

Because I know how it feels
To know someone so wonderful
But it hurts so much to know we could have more

You told me today
He left you in the cold last night
That he wouldn't answer the questions that you had

I don't know why
Anyone would leave you behind
But I know it was his loss to leave you there like that

Let's go out and get coffee
I'll buy you your favorite kind
I hope it helps to know that you've got friends who care

You know you don't deserve him
You deserve someone so much better
And you should know if you need me, I'll always be there

There's gotta be something
That he is missing out on
Something deep within you that he doesn't see

And I can relate
So much to what you're going through
Because I don't see what you don't see in me
No, I don't see what you don't see in me.

German: X
Clarinet: X
Exercise: ABUF
Blogging: X

Next project (starting tomorrow): 1 hr. daily reading


  1. Steve. This is so so so sweet. You are such an amazing writer. It makes me very happy.

  2. I think this is fantastic and with music and singing it will be even more awesome! :)

  3. STEVE...this song is my LIFE. Or rather, this song WAS my life until I was like, OK we cannot be friends anymore, and he got married.