Monday, June 14, 2010

Debbie Downers.

They are ALL OVER THE PLACE. I was not entirely sure what I was going to blog about, but after reading some of the comments on my most recent video I can't help but be a little upset. People just choose to miss the point entirely.

I have a lot of comments already saying "Guinness is Irish. Gordon Ramsay is Scottish." I would really have loved to be sarcastic to them, but sarcasm just doesn't work in text form. I am well aware of the origin of both of these; I am also aware that they are each still quite popular in England. Plus, their arguments miss the entire point--I was praising their country's products, and people wanted to shoot me down, which really just blemishes their countries, anyway.

However, I know how to reply to such comments. With love. I defended my points respectfully, threw a few extra smileys in, and essentially said what I just outlined. Many of the people came around and ended up giving me smileys too, saying things like "See? You're much too nice to be English."

But I guess there's always something I'll be able to blame on my being the crazy foreigner :D

Sleep: X
Clarinet: X
German: a bit... but not enough. O
Blogging: X


  1. I was not missing the point.

  2. I'm pleased in a way you think you should be English. But i'm english, and i'm not so sure WHY you really want to be English - we're boring. However Harry Potter and Doctor Who was done here in England, so I guess we are awesome ;)

  3. The great thing about England is it is so close to Scotland and Ireland. They are not the same place, I know, but to me their accents and the countries are right up their with England. Gorgeous places I wouldn't mind being stranded at. I am proud to be American, but that doesn't mean I wonder if I could survive in England. British people can be just as infatuated with our country as we are with theirs, right down to our own crazy accents (not that I have one, being from Cali and all).